Hey yall!! My name is Paige Allen and I have a confession to make… I’m obsessed with food! Seriously, if you know me you know it’s all I think about. So to make my thoughts more productive I decided to create a blog where I can talk about food all the time! Yay!

I’m a wife, mommy to two hysterical kitties, a big sis to one talented sister, who grew up in a crazy fun family. I was born in Virginia… which is my claim to loving all things southern. I grew up in Bethesda Maryland where in high school I met the love of my life. Isn’t it funny how when you know, you just know? I love him more than anything, and he is my biggest fan of my cooking. Well we both went to school in NH and when we graduated he dragged me out to Chicago for his job with Motorola. Let’s say I was a little nervous moving to the Midwest… but now I thank him every day for bringing us here! Chicago is an amazing city. The people are wicked nice, we have a killer view of lake Michigan and the Hancock building, and there is amazing food everywhere!! My own personal paradise.  There is even the most adorable farmers market that I go to on weekends for some inspiration of what to cook for the week.

You could say I came into this world with a spatula in my hand. I love getting family and friends together through my cooking, although they always know they are my guinea pigs. Some of my favorite memories, actually almost all of my memories, revolve around food. My little grandma made me the most amazing rolls, my big grandma was famous for her chicken and dumplings and navy bean soup. My dad tried to cook, but he was a better food critic than chef. Camie, my sister, is a better cook than I am. She is so adventurous, but I am definitely the baker in the family, we make mean team. My mom makes some pretty amazing dishes, but my favorite is her pot roast!!! I’ll be sharing some of my family favorite recipes on the website too, seems like the Pulleys have quite the cooking gene!

I started this blog to share with friends, family, and bakers alike the success and flops of becoming a self taught cook. I’d like to consider myself a “foodie” but not the snobbish kind of foodie… just someone who knows when they are having some kick ass food and really enjoy eating it! This is a site that I hope to share and explore some of my favorite recipes, review some of my favorite places, give tips to any new chefs, and enjoy some crazy food photography that will make you drool, and maybe give you a bit of confidence to be more adventurous in the kitchen! I’ll share my ups and downs in the kitchen, some funny pictures of my kitties, and show you some of the other things I like to do in my spare time like decorate wine glasses. Thanks for visiting and I hope to share this deliciously food filled world together!