So this weekend Chris and I were invited with some of our friends to the Taste of Randolph event. The host asked to bring veggies, fruit, or dessert… I think you know which one I decided to bring! I didn’t know if I should make something that I know for sure is good or if I should try something new. There has been this cake that I have been dying to try and it has the silliest name. It’s called the Better than Sex cake and it got rave reviews on the Food Network. I think it’s the highest rated cake on the website actually. When I googled the recipe I found that there were quite a number of variations to the recipe but I decided to make it just like Paula did. Now, I know there are a lot of Paula haters out there because she uses an inordinate amount of fatty ingredients, but I love her and her recipes have always turned out great for me. Plus you can always modify her recipes to make sure they get some healthy ingredients in there. This cake reminded me of a pina colada because there is lots of pineapple in the cake and I really love when pina coladas are made with fresh pineapple! Don’t worry; there is no butter, cream cheese, or mayo in the recipe, so for her it’s fairly healthy! She suggests putting 1 cup of sugar in with the crushed pineapple while on the stove, but I only added 1/3 of a cup and let the pineapple reduce a bit more

The recipe is super simple to follow and you use a box cake mix. How hard can that be? She layers on the flavor by adding crushed pineapple, then a layer of French vanilla pudding, and then topping it off with fresh whipped cream. I modified the recipe by adding coconut milk into the yellow cake mix and the pudding, but only a little. I know there are not a lot of coconut fans out there so I wanted to be sure that the flavor was subtle. I also added some lime zest into the pineapple simple syrup concoction and into the whipped topping. Making fresh whipped cream is a breeze but for the sake of convenience I used cool whip. It is something I eat once a year on a famous flag cake during the 4th of July. So I thought it might be fun to use cool whip as the topping instead of fresh whipped cream – don’t think badly of me. I will try and take some pictures of the cake once we dig into it and let you know if it lives up to its name! It should be pretty amazing because I made it the day before so the cake has had plenty of time to absorb all the yummy flavors of the pineapple and pudding.

*Well the cake was a hit! A lot of people commented on how moist and flavorful the cake was, which is always important. The consistency reminded me a little of a dulce de leche cake because of how wet the cake was. If you’re not a huge fan of that consistency then I would try and eat the cake the same day you make it, though the longer the cake sits the more flavor there is!
And no… it doesn’t live up to its name but if you’re looking for a tropical treat, this one’s for you!

**If you are interested in trying the recipe check it out at

***My changes to recipe were:
*Add 1/2 can of coconut milk into the cake mix instead of water that is called for on the box directions.
*When making the pudding mix add the remaining amount of coconut milk to the pudding mixture instead of adding milk. If your not a fan of coconut you can add only a little coconut milk or leave it out all together.
*For the pineapple mixture, I added the zest of one lime and only added 1/3 cup of sugar. I highly recommend this addition!
*Finally, I used cool whip instead of freshly made whipped cream.

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