Need a new drink recipe to impress friends, family, or even a special friend? I found the best drink recipe that is a little bit sweet, a little bit earthy, but a whole lot of yum! It would be great for Valentines day because it has a beautiful dark pink color that comes from the blueberries and the earthiness of the thyme sets this drink apart from other typical cocktails! 

This is a Blueberry Thyme Collins and I have to say, it is my new favorite gin based drink! Now normally I am a rum girl when it comes to cocktails. I used to love gin, but I had to take a break from it because the flavor got a little boring for me. But THIS drink takes gin to a whole new level! You start off by making a thyme simple syrup which you must make. This drink wouldn’t be the same with out it and if you are thinking the earthiness of the herb will ruin the drink, I beg you to try it! I made this drink special for when my god mother came over around the holidays. We always have a great time playing cards, catching up, and getting a little silly together. I feel so lucky to have her, my mom and sister in my life! I usually try and make something special when she comes over because I cherish our time together. This drink just screamed cocktail time! It is so so so pretty and super simple. Giada created this recipe (I love how I am throwing out her first name, like were besties) and when I looked through the reviews, some people said it was too sweet. So to tweak this I took reviewers suggestions and cut the sugar in half but still used the same amount of apple juice. Also, I think it is important to use really good high quality gin like Bombay because it has such an earthy base that pairs perfectly with the simple syrup! This drink really hits it out of the park. I really urge you to make this because it is out of this world, super simple, and everyone will want to have the recipe!!!

Here is the recipe from Giada!

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