Oh the wonders of a Rice Krispie treat. Can’t get much better, right? WRONG! All it takes is 2 simple additional steps to take the original Rice Krispie treat to a whole new mind blowing level. Hard to believe? Well believe it. You guys know the quirky but oh so in your face chef Anne Burrell right? Well she has a saying and I have always believed in it. She says that “Brown food tastes good.” Simple enough of a philosophy but I think most novice chefs are scared of brown. Usually brown means burnt, or that is what I thought when I first started cooking for the hubby. Well even though this is a simple statement, brown food really is amazing. Even if it is in a sweet dish. Do you know what I am talking about? Yup, you guessed it, liquid gold…Brown butter!

Rice Krispies are simple enough to make but if you take an additional step and brown the butter instead of just melt the butter, you get a whole new flavor that is out of this world. Seriously. If you like cinnamon toast crunch cereal, you will love these. Because with the addition of browning the butter, you throw in a ton of ground cinnamon and you have got yourself the best Rice Krispie treat you ever had. I saw these on another blog and as soon as I saw them I made them the next day. I don’t know why I don’t make these more often. I will from now on, that is for sure!

Here is the recipe that I followed. Next time I would double the marshmallows and use a whole box of Rice Krispie cereal. This first time I followed the recipe exactly but found that the Rice Krispie wasn’t marshmallowie enough… champagne problems huh? And I didn’t even use a whole box of Rice Krispies. Till next time!

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