Could these be the best brownies EVER? Well you know how I feel about brown butter, it is like liquid gold. It instantly makes everything yummier. These brownies may take a little extra work, but the brown butter does wonders for this brownie recipe! I had heard a lot of buzz about these brownies so obviously I had to give them a go. When you eat these brownies, a pinky should be up. These are like high tea, fancy schmancy brownies. They are definitely not your average brownie. These brownies are rich, decadent, dense, and super chocolatey. I love how much chocolate flavor you get from this brownie recipe.

Now, to be honest, I would not make these all the time. They require a little more work then your average brownie recipe because you have to brown the butter, but mostly because these are very grown up brownies. If you are a chocolate connoisseur, these brownies are definitely for you! I think Chris’s Aunt would love these because of how amazingly chocolatey they are! They do not disappoint on flavor. Anything with brown butter is superb and that flavor running throughout the brownie makes for one special dessert. But if you are more in the mood for a typical brownie, I suggest you use your favorite recipe. Another thing, one brownie goes a long way! Maybe that is why I would rather make a more traditional brownie, because that way I could eat more than one!

If you are interested in making these brown butter brownies, check out the recipe here!

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