Bruschetta or is it Brusketta?? However you say it or make it, it all tastes delicious! I love the fresh flavors of tomatoes and basil, oh so delectable and light. You feel like your getting more bang for your buck with all that flavor and a short ingredient list. I could make a meal from this simple appetizer. In fact I have! I made a trio of bruschetta using, drum roll please…

First up, Tomato and basil:

Next, mushroom, onion, garlic, cheese, and balsamic vinegar:

Finally, goat cheese and get this, double honey! Details to come!:

Don’t you just love the close ups?? Yum!
This was such a fun meal to make! I loved all the different takes on one simple dish, and these couldn’t be easier to throw together, as long as you have a bit of time to chop! I went to my local farmers market this past weekend and was over whelmed with the smells of basil and tomatoes, weird right? I should be smelling apples and pumpkins and pear…Oh my! Ok but seriously, I think it was my last attempt at holding on to summer with the light fresh flavors calling me to make such a unseasonal dish. It worked out great though, the basil I picked up was amazing! I have even added it to my water in the morning for a fresh burst of flavor. And yes I am well aware that the tomato season has been over for a month, but its hard to stay away from them, especially when they looked as delectable as they did that morning!

Anyone can make this dish, you only need a few staple ingredients and a knife. I like to make my bruschetta the traditional way by rubbing raw garlic on the bread right after coming out from under the broiler, it adds such a garlic bite! But don’t worry, the cooling tomatoes and olive oil cool down the sting from the garlic. And if your a friend who doesn’t really like such a strong garlic flavor, go ahead, chop it up, it is still great!

Now the mushroom bruschetta was scrumptious! I LOVE mushrooms and this is the perfect dish to show off their nutty delicious flavors! YUM! I caramalized some onions too…you know just to make it that much better! The combinations are endless. I didn’t have any fresh herbs on hand so I used dried rosemary and a sprinkle of thyme to compliment the earthiness of the dish. Perfecto!

Double honey, ever heard of it? Well if your in the Chicago area, you are in luck! I was perusing all of the fine little stands at the farmers market and noticed vendor that caught my eye. The sign read “Double Honey”. I thought, hmm this could be yummy. Any guesses as to what makes it double honey? Well in the mid west we have this delicious apples called Honey Crip… pretty much heaven in a single bite. They are super crunchy, juicy, sweet, and the most perfect apple out there. No contest. Well this Double Honey concoction takes already delicious honey then adds in poached honey crisp apples…one word… DIVINE! And lucky you, cause if your not from around here you canorder it online here! I have put this stuff in yogurt, oatmeal, and just on a good slice of bread. And that got me thinking… adding a nice tart goat cheese onto this already tasty treat would really take things over the top. And boy did it ever! What a great sweet but still a little bit savory way to end such a nice meal. Flora Confections also sells a Bluberry Pinot Noir that I cant wait to get my hands on!

I am sure you all have some veggies hanging out in your fridge. See what you have, I bet you can turn it into some kind of bruschetta! This dish would make a great date night dish or great to entertain with because you can make a whole lot of it for super cheap!

I always follow Mario Batalli’s Tomato and Basil Topping recipe for my bruschetta.

And I simply adore and always use Jamie Olivers Ultimate Mushroom Bruschetta recipe… it is the ultimate!

Finally, for the Double Honey and goat cheese bruschetta all I used was a nice soft ciabatta, slathered on some softened goat cheese, and topped it off with a nice spoonful of the double honey… food of the Gods I tell you! The Double Honey would make a great gift to you or a family member. And by no means is Flora Confections getting me to say this. When I believe in a product, I like to share it with everyone! Go buy some goodness today! Everyone deserves to eat like celebrity!

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