I made carne asada steak tacos for Cinco De Mayo using one of Rick Bayless’s newest taco skillet sauce in a bag. I actually used it as a marinade and a sauce and it was dynamite! Rick really knows what he is doing. His Frontera Grill Restaurant is one of my favorites, they have the BEST shrimp taco.

What I liked so much about his taco skillet sauce is that there is so much flavor! These would be useful to any one who enjoys cooking a Mexican meal, and they are very reasonably priced. I only paid 2.99 for mine! And just so you know, I am not being paid to talk about this product, I just feel like when there is something really great out there in the food market, everyone should know! So go grab a bag of his taco sauce and make some tacos tonight!

Oh yeah, I also made a creamy cool avocado sauce to go on top as well. I never know how spicy pre made sauces will be and I always enjoy something creamy on my tacos. This avocado sauce hit just the right spot!

This is the sauce I used that made killer steak tacos!

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