Are you drooling yet?  No?  Look closer… Yes, that is a HUGE chocolate chip cookie (aka the Pizookie!) in a skillet, perfectly warm with melty delicious ice cream on top with chocolate syrup and pecans!

One of the best Christmas presents I got this year was from my in-laws. They got me the most adorable set of 2 miniature cast iron skillets. Seriously cute, like with a cherry on top cute! I have had big dreams for those little guys. Maybe surprise the husband with breakfast in bed with a skillet filled with hash browns, bacon, and eggs! Or come up with a delicious fritatta, maybe a pint size skillet filled with gumbo and a cornbread topping… the possibilities are endless I tell you! But then I remembered one of the most amazing almost sinful desserts I have ever had in a skillet… from ESPN Zone… the chocolate chip cookie in a skillet topped with ice cream! TA DA!! That was absolutely the dish I had to initiate my little cast iron skillets with… done and done!

So now which recipe to use to fill my skillets with cookie goodness? Luckily I recently found my all time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe that uses brown butter, which you can find here. The browned butter makes all the difference in the flavor of the cookie. It touches on being sinful and yet so comforting at the same time. I mean for Pete’s sake its just a chocolate chip cookie…but its not. Its so much more! I split the recipe in half and it filled the skillets perfectly! This dessert was heaven, better then heaven, if that is possible! When you pull the cookie out of the oven it looks perfect, crispy edges, soft warm chocolaty center. Drool….

I kind of think I will no longer be making dozens of cookies unless they are for co-workers or a party. There is no reason to ever eat a cookie another way unless it is out of a skillet! It should be a law that everyone make cookies in skillets… I can’t wait to get my hands on a huge size skillet! Monster cookie! You can top off your cookie any way you like it. I added some toasted chopped pecans and more chocolate syrup. Simple, perfect, and just the way I like it! So thanks Mom and Dad for the perfect married couple present! I will be using these guys often from now on! Kisses!

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