Apple Sauce

If you are a fan of apple pie, this is going to be your new favorite treat. It is just like apple pie without the guilt of the buttery flaky crust. Don’t get me wrong, I love pie crust, but sometimes you are looking for something just a little lighter. This recipe is easy peasy and makes your whole house smell divine. It is a bit labor intensive if you don’t have a lot of time to chop your apples, but that is the only part that takes a lot of time. Also, depending on your preference, you could always use an immersion blender to get the right consistency of your apple sauce. I prefer mine to be a bit more chunky, but if you pulse it with a blender or use an immersion blender, you could get a smoother consistency. I wouldn’t totally ruin the integrity of the apple, because then you really have just applesauce that is kicked up a notch. By keeping the shape of the apples, you can feel like you are enjoying a slice of pie with half the guilt!

The only changes that I made to this recipe was using a different type of apple. In my house we are obsessed with Honey Crisp apples. I think the name says it all, am I right? They are out of this world! Crunchy, sweet, light, and the perfect apple in my eyes. I also wasn’t quite sure how much water to put into the pot because the recipe says to just cover the apples. I think I added a bit too much water, which increased the cooking time. So heir on the side of less is more for this recipe. This is perfect with a cool creamy scoop of vanilla on top too! I highly suggest you follow that part of the recipe 😉

Here is the link for the Dessert Applesauce:


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