This past weekend I made my first chess pie. Do you even know what a chess pie is? I didn’t until I saw a blurb about a type of chess pie on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” called the Baltimore Bomb Pie at Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore. It’s a pie that has a custardy type filling baked with huge frosted cookies inside… I mean common, is that even legal? I am still a little confused about what makes a chess pie a chess pie, but I do know one thing… Chess pie is pretty tasty!

Traditionally chess pie is a southern dessert that is made like a custard pie but with the addition of cornmeal, that makes a nice light crunchy topping. It’s a sweet pie that you only need a little slice of. I’m not really sure why I decided to make this pie, but I am really glad I did because not only is it super easy to through together but also because its a lighter dessert that would be amazing topped with fresh fruit. I made a cinnamon lemon chess pie and my pie turned out to be a cross between a creme brulee and a lemon bar. Now I am saying my pie was “light” because I used a regular 9 inch pie, not deep dish. I imagine if this was a deep dish pie, it would be a bit overwhelming. But I think the addition of the fresh lemon juice really cut the sweetness and the cinnamon accented the lemon flavor perfectly. Lemon and cinnamon are my new favorite flavor combinations, I think they are best friends really. This would be a lovely dessert to bring in the spring weather. Top it off with some fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of your favorite berries and I would say you have got yourself a winning pie!

If your interested in making your own chess pie, this is the recipe that I followed, I found it on Ezra Pound Cake, another amazing food blog!

The only change I made was to add in 1tbsp of ground cinnamon… sounds like a lot, but it pairs perfectly with the lemon, trust me! I also zested and juiced 2 lemons and threw that into the sugar/egg mixture. The lemon really adds a nice zing to the pie! Love it!

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