Mexican pizza could be one of my new favorite foods. It combines two of the greatest foods/flavors on earth! To have both in one bite is just plain sinful and amazing. Now I’ve gotta to be honest with you. I have no time for making home made pizza crust on a week night. Do you? Does anyone? Well if you do, I am jealous. But for most of you, and I think you will agree, Bertoli does a pretty nice job of helping you create your own pizza at home with their great pre- made crusts. Sure they are a little carb-o-licious, but they get the job done. While I was home trying out a new restaurant with the madre, I noticed Mexican pizza was on the menu and I was pretty stoked to try it out. Instead of a traditional tomato base like an Italian pizza would have, this pizzas base was a black bean paste, with lots of cumin. It was amazing! So when I decided to make my own version of this pizza, I had to copy that!

Basically you add any and all of your favorite Mexican nacho toppings on top of the pizza and viola! I added browned ground beef, onions, mushrooms, black beans, salsa, cheese, lettuce, and a avocado ranch sauce on top. You cook the pizza per box directions, and since the toppings are already cooked you don’t have to worry about the meat not cooking through. Just make sure all the cheese has melted on top! The kicker? After the ground beef was browned, I added in queso! Yup! I made it totally decadent and sinful. Perfectly delicious. This was super satisfying, messy, and absolutely better than any Taco Tuesday I have ever been apart of. This would make a great, and cheap, Sunday football meal. In fact, I will probably be making this for the Super Bowl. And yes, I do love football that much that I am already planning the Super Bowl menu now. Crazy? No way, I just love good ol’ fashioned football food! Okay, Mexican pizza isn’t traditional football food but it should be! Next time, I will be adding jalapeƱos on top!

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