I hate change. Don’t you? 2 BIG things are about to change in my life and I don’t like it one bit. One of my most sweetest friends ever is leaving school to get married and enjoy a wonderful honeymoon and isn’t coming back in the fall because she gets to student teach. She makes the greatest librarian! But I will miss her lots and lots. So sad 🙁 . Another change in my life… Glee is almost over. Loosing both is almost too much to bare. Good thing So You Think You Can Dance is coming on soon. And it’s not like I am loosing my friend forever, just at work. Wonder why I am sharing all of this with you? Well I am making her some delicious muffins to send her off on a sweet note!

I found the most amazing looking muffins on the internet and had to make them. When you combine strawberries and chocolate, you always get outstanding results. These muffins use nutella and fresh strawberries and they are sooo good! They couldn’t be easier to make too. Also this recipe makes 12 muffins, which is nice, because I never know what to do with 24 muffins. Other then eat them all. I made these special though with vanilla almond milk, which I think gave them a little extra flavor. I also added in some cinnamon because, well, I love cinnamon. I thought it paired naturally with the chocolate. What I really love about these muffins is how delicate the muffin actually is. The strawberries were a little tart and the chocolate nutella center is to die for! Wow Also, when I think of romance, I think of chocolate dipped strawberries. They always complete a delicious meal. And don’t think I am trying to woo my friend away… I thought she would enjoy sharing these with her soon to be HUSBAND! Yay! I couldn’t be happier for her!!

P.S. How cute are strawberries?!

Check out the recipe at twopeasandtheirpod.com

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