I had never made Pasta Carbonara before only because I was a little nervous about using raw egg. I don’t really know why that made me nervous because I don’t have an issue with raw egg in any other form of cooking. I mean I have eaten my fair share of unbaked cookie dough and that has raw egg. But I will say I am very happy I decided to make this dish, it is a hubby approved dinner. He keeps asking me to make it for dinner, it is that good, he says its up there with one of his favorites. And trust me folks, this dish is killer. It doesn’t use a lot of ingredients, it is fast, and filling. It would be great to make for a dinner party and its pretty to look at…at least I think so. Plus in this dish you get to have bacon, garlic, and cheese! Heaven! Well the original recipe calls for pancetta, but I don’t always have that on hand, but I do always have bacon on hand because it makes everything better, so that is what I used.

I followed the Pioneer Woman’s directions because she makes everything yummy and better. This is a recipe from her friend and I am so glad that they shared it! I love how the Pioneer Woman takes pictures of the cooking process, just so you know if you are on track to goodness or not. This recipe seems pretty hard to mess up so I think anyone would be successful making this dish. It is a really simple dish but it somehow makes you feel like you are eating something so decadent and special. So the next time it starts getting cold and gray outside, try making this dish because it will make your day so much better.

Pioneer Woman’s Pasta Carbonara

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