Well it’s starting to feel like summertime here in Chicago…finally! When I think of summer I think of hanging outside sipping on a beverage, lying out by the pool, hanging out with some of my favorites. I am also working on taking better care of my body and the food I eat. Luckily one of my most favorite things to drink is tea. Unfortunately I have a hard time drinking as much of it as I should, and water for that matter. One fun way that I try to dress up my liquids is to play with my ice cubes. I actually did the same thing when I threw my bridesmaid luncheon – which got a lot of comments. So what do I mean by playing with my ice? Well it’s always more fun to play with your food, and if what you’re eating or drinking is pretty, it makes that time feel a little more special.

Recently, I have really been into tea. Now if you know me, that may not be such a big deal, but I’m seriously into tea. I think I’m drinking about 10 cups a day… I can’t get enough! This morning I went down to the Green City Market that’s about 2 blocks away from where I live, and picked up some delicious looking raspberries and fresh mint. The raspberries and mint were just calling to me asking to be put into the raspberry zinger tea I had in the pantry. So that’s exactly what I did! Instead of muddling up the mint and raspberries together like you would for a mojito, I placed the raspberries and mint into a tray of ice cubes. Trust me when I say that when you add color and flavor to your ice it becomes very special.

You have to try adding some of your favorite fruits to your ice! Once you have tried it you will realize how incredibly enchanting and cute an ice cube can be. It’s like the ice turns into precious little gems filled with color and taste. If you were even feeling so bold, you could puree your favorite fruits and turn that into an ice cube all on its own! The combinations are endless! This is such a simple trick to turn up the volume on any beverage and it adds so much personality to whatever you are drinking.


  • Water
  • Favorite fruit
  • Maybe some mint…
  • Maybe some lavender…
  • Special equipment: ice cube tray

Fill an ice cube tray with water, fruit, and any other ingredients that you like.
Wait till frozen then put into your favorite beverage of choice!

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