Salmon Poke

So there are many, many things that I love in the food world. Cupcakes, crabcakes, risotto, and burgers. That being said, few foods get to me the way sushi does. It is just so special. It’s pretty, healthy, and always has the umami effect on me. I can never seem to get enough sushi…until my bank account quietly reminds me to simmer down. I have found a solution to this oh so annoying problem…POKE! Half, no wait, a quarter of the labor, and you get more bang for your buck.

So, I am here to share with you the lovely, oh so delicious, poke recipe that will make both your wallet and tummy smile. For successful sushi rice, I highly suggest rinsing and washing it several times. This helps to get rid of the starchy liquid that makes rice mushy. Mushy rice = not a happy camper. The more you rinse, the cleaner the rice will be. Also, the longer you let the poke marinate, the yummier it will be. I like to add a little citric acid at the end like lime juice. Just be sure to toss that in just before serving. And last side note, I put my poke on top of smashed avocado, but it would also be super duper yummy with seaweed salad!! Enjoy! Here is the recipe I followed for the poke, just adding in half a limes worth of juice. In case you don’t have a trusty sushi rice recipe, here is the one I follow. The Pioneer Women knows all!

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