Summer is quickly fading and I couldn’t be more disappointed. Why? Not just because it is summer and it is most peoples favorite season, but because I had the entire summer off! Crazy! I thought that it would be hard to not work, because I have worked every summer of my life since I was a teenager… but I found it very easy to do, well, nothing. How sinful is that? I am sure some of you are thinking, why the heck haven’t you posted if you had the entire summer off? Well my friends, this was a summer of soul searching and healing. I had a super tough year and felt I owed it to myself to reconnect with myself, find the little things that make me happy, enjoy my kitties, be with my girlfriends, and work on a better outlook in life. Sure, cooking makes me happy and I love it, but sometimes you just want to cook and not share it with the world. Sometimes I wonder what you friends think of my posting, my writing, and food photography. Sometimes it would stop me from posting because I was afraid of what you guys were thinking. Silly I know, but c’est la vie! Well it used to be… I am thankfully feeling less anxious about what other people think about me in life. Selfish? Maybe, but because I worried so much about what other people thought about me, it hindered me from doing a lot. So don’t take it personally, I still truly care about what you think, but this time around, I’m not going to let it get in my way. I am going to fail more in life, but learn from the failures and embrace them. Fear of failure is something that has paralyzed me for most of my life. I am hoping to take this in stride from here on out. Failures shouldn’t stop me from succeeding, and it has for almost all of my life. I finally realize that my opinion about what I am doing is the most important. My posts may not be perfect, the pictures not magazine quality, but I will post regardless! I fell so lucky that I have the support and love from my husband and have connected with some really fabulous ladies, and am happy because of the two. Ok enough about that…

So where was I going with this… oh right, summer is ending… crap! I really enjoy cooking summer food. Mostly for the grilling but also because of the bright and exciting flavors you get to play with. For example, I now love drinking my iced tea with lavender simple syrup. It brings out a whole new level of iced tea, let me tell you! I went to the farmers market several times this summer and one day I got a cherry blueberry smoothie and added in lavender simple syrup… divine! Another thing I have found out this summer is that I think I may be becoming a much better cook than baker… I love the experimentation you get to play around with! Having said that, I was honored by one of my friends when she asked me to make her wedding cake! So stay tuned for that!

Well, with fall weather creeping around the corner, I wanted to make a meal that felt super summery. I decided to make a shrimp po’ boy… a tall order, I think. I had never made a po’ boy on my own before, but believe me I have eaten plenty of them. I love the crunchy shrimp and the cool and tangy, yet slightly spicy remoulade that goes on top of it! So I did a little research and got to work…and boy oh po’ boy was I successful! My remoulade sauce was SO BOSS.. and I lightly fried the shrimp, so I didn’t feel guilty at all eating this perfect sandwich. The one thing I suggest having if you make this is having a really great baguette. The bread is the vehicle that carries all the goodies, so make sure its a good ride if you get my drift. Otherwise follow these simple recipes and you will have a helluva good sandwich!

I followed this recipe for the remoulade sauce, but made it much easier on myself by not actually adding any of the vegetables, except for the garlic. You have to have garlic!

For the shrimp, I peeled and deveined them, then tossed a ton of salt, like 3 tablespoons worth. Why? Well if you let the shrimp sit for 10 -15 minutes they get nice and plump in their salt bath. Think of it as a spa day for the little guys. After 10 -15 minutes rinse them off thoroughly. Pat the shrimp dry and sprinkle with cornstarch and Old Bay seasoning. I heated my wok with vegetable oil and let it get really hot. Once the oil was at 375, I put a few shrimp in at a time and cooked until tender, about 3 minutes, turning once. When you take the shrimp out of the oil, sprinkle with salt and a little more Old Bay.

To assemble your sandwich, toast your bread. Slather on the remoulade sauce on to both sides of the bread, then top with lettuce and tomato. Add as many shrimp as you like and add a little more sauce to the top.
Are you drooling yet? Yea, that’s what I thought…

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