S’mores… a childhood favorite. Melty marshmallow goodness combined with crunchy graham crackers, and that silky smooth melted chocolate. I mean…. I want one right now! I don’t know very many people who wouldn’t want one. S’mores always remind me off all the good times I had as a Girl Scout. Camping with some of my best childhood friends, learning some awesome life skills but all in anticipation for the campfire and S’mores at night. Let’s be honest…it also brought out the little pyro in me.  Being ALLOWED to put something in the fire and watch it burn…exciting and allowed because of adult supervision.

There is just something so satisfying in making a S’more. You get to make it just the way you like it, either a charred marshmallow, or working towards the perfect golden goodness, and then squishing it between two graham crackers with chocolate?! Perfection! And it is one of the few times where getting food on your face is considered polite… or shall I say acceptable? It wasn’t an acceptable S’more UNLESS you had it all over your cheeks, am I right?

I recently came across this recipe for S’mores muffins and had to try it! I asked friends on Facebook whether or not to do mini marshmallows or Fluff as part of the batter ,and I ended up going with mini marshmallows because I had those on hand (no idea why I had those, of all things, on hand). I should have listened to my friends though! As delicious as the muffins were, they were more like a glorified chocolate chip muffin. I couldn’t really taste the graham crackers and most of the mini marshmallows had dissolved into the batter. The next time I make this recipe, I will double the graham cracker. I just asked my husband as he was biting into a graham cracker what the discerning flavor was and his reaction was…”graham….with a bit of cracker.” But then he answered honestly and said honey. I may add in a heavy amount of honey and wheat germ to the batter next time to see if it helps bring out the flavor! I will also listen to my friends, and make Fluff, not mini marshmallows, the center of the muffin.

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