With all of this blistery chilly weather coming through, I have been turning to my favorite pick me up drink to keep me warm… Cider! Well to be perfectly honest it is spiced and spiked cider, I mean really could it get any better? It smells like Christmas, keeps you warm, and you get a little Captain in you, which is of course super important.

I am lucky enough to have this amazing farmers market steps away from my condo. The Green City Market has an amazing assortment of vendors with all sorts of treats to pick out. One of my favorite vendors there is Seedling, and they make the best cider ever, hands down! They even make a cider that is brewed with extra cinnamon! Yum!

Well I love making hot cider on chilly days, with or with out a little shot of rum. I like to add in a little Captain in my drink, I think its the pirate in me. Chris prefers the whiskey route.Heck I could use a glass right now! And how cute are the mugs! I think they are so fun! Jamie Oliver makes them and I found them in HomeGoods. That place has to be one of my favorite stores, they have so many wonderful things to fill a house with! I buy sets of wine glasses and decorate them all the time, its kind of a hobby mine.

Whoops, lets get back to the cider. You can use any cider you can find in your local grocery store or farmers market. I also have some mulling spices layin around the apartment which is really just whole cloves, bits of cinnamon stick, etc. Just extra flavors that make the cider so complex and have great depth of flavor. All you need to do is pour some cider into a pot on the stove and let it warm up. If you use mulling spices, add them in too, if not, don’t worry! You can just sprinkle on a little cinnamon on top at the end. Once the cider has heated all the way through, take it off the stove and pour into your favorite mug. Make sure to leave enough room for a shot of rum or whiskey or brandy if you like. Stir together, curl up under a blankie, and enjoy! If your looking for a lighter version minus the alcohol, add in a little lemon juice and some of the zest as well, and your in for a super fragrant oh so delicious drink! Cheers!

And yes the mugs do say “Hot Babe” and “Dead Handsome” but no we are not that kind of a conceited couple, I just thought they were pretty cute! But my husband is dead handsome!!! I’m a lucky girl 🙂

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