Well I am pretty sure y’all know how I feel about the Pioneer Women she’s…amazing. I have not made a lot of her recipes, but I have made a few – like her creamy lemon crumb bars… delicious. This woman is a genius when it comes to food. I feel like we’re sisters separated by time, the way she feels about food and what she values in life is very much how I envision my own life. If you haven’t checked out her website you must and you can do it atwww.thepioneerwoman.com. Love her!

Ok, so I have been off this week and summer camp starts in a few days. So what is a wife to do other than to make sure her husband starts his day off right? Make sure he has a breakfast of course! Chris and I drive to work together and when I’m not going to work he usually doesn’t have breakfast or lunch, what’s a guy to do? Well I perused the pioneer woman’s website and found an-oh-so delicious looking quiche. The only problem with this? It involved making pie crust… yuck! I’m scared of the stuff, seriously people, I need help! Luckily I had the Williams Sonoma pie crust mix in my pantry and I whipped up the recipe for one pie crust and was feeling fairly confident that I could tackle her quiche. I mean it has all the ingredients of a winning quiche… artichokes, cheese, onions, bacon, and mushrooms! How could a quiche get any yummier?!

Well I think I successfully made the pie crust, it was flaky and pretty flavorful. Next time I make the pie crust I’ll blind bake it first. All that means is you bake the crust first for just a little bit to give it a head start. I felt like the center of the pie crust was a little undercooked and because she so brilliantly encourages you to cook the quiche with a foil over the crust, there is little to worry about burning the crust, so blind baking shouldn’t hurt. The only change to this recipe was I added sundried tomatoes. I don’t think the quiche actually needed it, but it added some nice color and tang. This would be perfect for mother’s day, Easter, surprise brunch, well any time really is a good time to make this quiche. The directions are so easy to follow and you get wonderful yummy results. I don’t know about you, but I have had some awful quiches. My godmother makes a mean quiche though. So if you are in the market to wow some guests or to impress a friend, this recipe should do the trick! Check out her recipe for total breakfast success!

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