I did it… I can’t believe I actually did it! There are very few moments in life where I am proud of myself, but this my friends, was one of them. When all was said and done, I was overcome with a sense of pride and belief in myself. I could feel the excitement bubbling up inside of me like soda that had been shaken up in a bottle, overflowing with relief.

Several months ago a dear friend of mine asked me if I would make her wedding cake, and I joked around with the idea, but she was serious. You want me to do what? For real? Are you crazy? She wasn’t. I wasn’t afraid to bake the cake, I know I make delicious cake. But I had never stacked a cake before or had made such an important cake in my life. So obviously I was wicked nervous.

I did some research, ordered my tools, and did a trial run a few weeks before the wedding. Boy am I glad I did too! Otherwise I would have served a tiny cake. I found that I needed to quadruple my recipe to get a cake that looked like a wedding cake. Can you imagine showing up with a tiny cake… mortifying. Let’s zoom ahead to 3 days before the wedding. I baked my 12” cakes and they looked great. The next night I baked my 10” cakes and my sheet cakes and then I made the raspberry filling. I was feeling good. I was feeling confident. I had my bags packed with any and all supplies ready to go so Chris and I could leave at a decent hour and get to the wedding venue 2 hours ahead of time. I thought 2 hours would be enough time to put together a 2 tier wedding cake and decorate 2 sheet cakes. So now its the morning of the wedding, I wake up early and make the butter cream frosting, get everything put in a cooler and double check and recheck I have everything I need. P.S. Did I tell you we were going to go camping after the wedding? No? Yea we thought that was a good idea…

Anywho… we were both packed, wedding cake supplies, camping gear, and all. Finally! And for those of you who don’t know me, I am a bit of a time freak. I hate being late. I am the kid who gets to the airport 3 hours ahead of my flight, just in case. So needless to say leaving at 11 for a 4 pm ceremony made me a bit nervous. But Chris said to trust him, and I did. We were driving towards Michigan when I check in with my girl Colleen to check on traffic. She said it was going well so I tried to calm down. About a an hour later I get a text saying “Just a heads up, it is an hour ahead here…”. Can you picture me freaking out?! So I, who had planned on having 2 hours, now only had 1 hour to put a wedding cake and sheet cakes together and be dressed and ready for a wedding! CRAP!

Chris and I drove like bats outta hell to get to the venue with an hour to spare. We busted into that venue like gang busters and I was frantic to get started. Luckily I had my handy sous-chef husband to help me. I was pretty much barking out orders to him and, bless him, he put up with a side of me I hadn’t seen in ages. But when the hour was up, the cake was done and I was elated. I did it. I really did it. It was rustic, cute, and adorable. I was in love with this cake. Even better? The bride and groom loved the cake! The icing on the cake of the wedding cake? Strangers came up to me and raved about how delicious my creation was! Holla! Wow…Wow!

This was a true test for me. A test in confidence, baking ability, and nerve. And I passed. Sigh… What a great feeling. I can’t thank the bride and groom enough for asking and trusting me to make such an important part of their wedding. I was truly honored. I wish you both the sweetest marriage!

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