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I just recently had the honor of being in my long time childhood friends wedding. On top of that she asked me if I would make her wedding cake… no pressure…at all. I reminded her that I was no professional, but she was still set on the idea of me making her cake. So naturally I said yes. The last wedding cake I made was for a smaller wedding, but had a very rustic feel. I say rustic because I needed a little wiggle room for making my first wedding cake. I was so proud of that cake! Even though there were some hiccups along the way, I did it. This wedding cake originally started out as more of a ceremonial wedding cake, which was great because not only did I not live in the same state as where the wedding was, but again, this was going to be my second wedding cake. I was thinking this was all going to be very manageable. Well, just like myself, I started creating sketches of what the cake could look like and I had so many ideas. Then I found out that this cake actually needed to be for 100 people. That is a totally different cake but it opens up so many more creative options, so I was excited.

Now, never making a cake that was supposed to be served to 100 people, I needed to practice. I started working on a “wedding” cake sized cake for my husbands work. I ended up decorating it with the company’s logo and I was feeling good. I learned how to stack cakes, practice perfecting my buttercream frosting for crumb coating and final decorating. I was feeling good. I also started playing with fondant and gumpaste to learn how to make the flowers I wanted to decorate her wedding cake with. Even though I was working in my new tiny kitchen in California, (desperately missing my brand new big one back in Chicago) I was having the time of my life. I really haven’t felt so happy doing something that felt so natural to me in a while.

Anyway to make a long story short, I finally fly out for the big wedding and arrive 4 days early to start working on the cake. With luck on my side, tips from some of my baking friends, and family friends being generous with cars and Kitchen Aids, I was able to complete the wedding cake that I designed fully on my own and it came out just as I imagined. When I finally got everything put together after getting ready with the bridal party, I felt like I could have made cake for the Queen!  Thank you so much Lauren and Adam for not only having me participate in your wedding day but also trusting me to make your wedding cake. Since that wedding, I have already made another huge cake for my husbands company merging with another great company. If you have any questions about the process or anything at all, dont hesitate to ask! I am always happy to help fellow bakers!

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